Our street food journey began in 2012! We had just graduated, jobs were scarce, and like many others, we packed our bags in search of greener pastures. We spent the next five years  living, working & travelling our way through 20 countries an our obsession with street food cultures grew stronger.


From Banh Mi sandwiches on the street corners of Vietnam, Smokey Choripan from a BBQ in Buenos Aires , Jerk Chicken & Goat in Jamaica or $1 Tacos & Beers from a shipping container in Medellin, Colombia. We fell in love with the freshness & flavours, but also how the street food brought families and communities together, no matter where we were.


In 2017 we made the decision to return to Ireland and establish Blasta Street Kitchen. A food truck & catering concept inspired by our Journey, with an eco-friendly, farm-to-fork twist. The 'Blasta Street Kitchen' team have spent the past two years bringing their Tex-Mex tastiness to festivals & private events all around the country , having won a number of Awards along the way. The Next Step? To Bring a Fresh, Exciting & Nutritious range of Tex-Mex products to the retail market. 


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